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Kayla Hart

Deleted Character

Seasons: None
Portrayed by: Natalie Martinez
Status: Deleted
Occupation: Dance club employee
Appearances: none

Kayla Hart was a proposed character who appeared in the early drafts of Chuck Versus the Intersect.

She was considered a possible love interest for Chuck. The character of Kayla was ultimately removed from the show by creators Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz who decided it "unlikely and too complicated to the story line that two women would be pining over Chuck." Kayla can only be seen in the earliest promo photos for the pilot.

The elimination of the character smoothed the way for Sarah's introduction.


Kayla Hart1

Early promo photo featuring Kayla

In the first draft of the Pilot, Kayla was Chuck’s next door neighbor at the Echo Park apartment building. She was described as single, twenty-five and into the indie music scene. Kayla worked at Spaceland, the same club Chuck eventually took Sarah to during their date in the pilot, Chuck Versus the Intersect.

"... Kayla Hart (25), one of the world's most beautiful f___ups. She's searching for her keys and doesn't see Chuck. She isn't wearing a single item that costs more than five bucks, but a designer would spend a fortune for her style."
― Description in draft

In the draft, the first time she is seen is just after Ellie and Chuck discuss that "even though we [women] may ask, no woman really wants to hear about old girlfriends". Chuck is outside taking out the trash when he sees Kayla coming through the apartment entrance and walking to her apartment. Chuck attempts to say hi to her, but it comes out so quiet that she did not hear it.

Chuck would later see Kayla running through the Duple building shouting, "Stop," and thinking that "Someone was trying to kill her or something," but it turns out she was running for a bus which she misses. Chuck asks her what happened to her car; it turns out to have been impounded for driving under the influence. Chuck takes his chance to talk to her, offering to give her a lift. She accepts and Chuck drives while they talk about Ellie, Devon, and traveling, but in the end it seems he's driven her to where she's meeting her date.

Chuck decides to use his date with Sarah in order to make Kayla jealous that he's with another women. Chuck takes Sarah to the Spaceland Club, as seen in the pilot episode, where Kayla works on the ticket counter.


  • Lou Palone, a minor character in Season One, appears to have the same function as Kayla did; being a love interest for Chuck, at the same time he is starting to fall for his CIA handler, Sarah Walker.
  • Hannah, a recurring character in Season Three, also served as a similar distraction.