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Kevin Bacon is a piglet, and the Large Mart's sales mascot.

Kevin Bacon was kidnapped by Jeff and Lester in the Season Four episode, Chuck Versus the Muuurder, the Large Mart employees, in retaliation, kidnap Big Mike after he dressed himself as the Buy More's mascot, a large box emblazoned with 'BM'.

Eventually, Jeff and Lester hide the pig in the air ducts of the Buy More, and it makes its way to Castle. The pig was eventually spotted when Casey searched in the air ducts after hearing noises during a search for a killer.

After a later detonation of an explosive within Castle, Kevin Bacon was thrown from the air duct only to be caught, apparently unharmed,  by Chuck who then returns it to Morgan in the Buy More. Morgan receives Kevin Bacon gratefully, and is then befouled by the piglet.


The pig's name was an obvious nod to the actor, Kevin Bacon.