Wikia Chuck - Kieran Ryker

Kieran in Budapest

Kieran Ryker (played by Tim DeKay) was a former handler of Sarah Walker who appeared in "Chuck Versus the Baby". In 2006, Ryker sent Sarah on a mission to extract a "package" from a group of gangsters. What he didn't tell her was that the "package" was in fact a baby girl, now orphaned by the gangsters who wanted to seize the fortune she was entitled to and Ryker wanted it as well, dissatisfied by his work with the CIA. Sarah refused to hand the girl over and fled.

In 2011, Daniel Shaw tricked Sarah into going after Ryker, making her believe that he knew the baby's (now called Molly and adopted by Sarah's mother) location. Though Sarah attempted to get the drop on Ryker, he captured her and tried to get her divulge Molly's whereabouts. When Sarah was rescued by Chuck and Casey, Ryker secretly had a bug planted on her and finally learned Molly's location. However, Sarah had beaten him there first and had Molly moved to Echo Park. As they fought, Ryker got the upper hand, until he heard noises coming from outside, indicating to him that Sarah had called in help. This distraction allowed Sarah to stab him in the back, killing him.

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