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Kieran Ryker

Seasons: 5
Portrayed by: Tim DeKay
Status: Deceased
Occupation: CIA Agent (former)
Relationships: Sarah Walker (handler)
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Baby

Kieran Ryker once was Sarah Walker's handler. He appeared in Chuck Versus the Baby.

In 2006, Ryker sent Sarah on a mission to extract a "package" from a a mansion in Budapest that had been infiltrated by gangsters. What he didn't tell her was that the "package" was in fact a baby girl, now orphaned by the gangsters who had murdered the child's parents and wanted to seize their fortune. Ryker wanted it as well, dissatisfied by his work with the CIA, and planned to use the child to get it. Sarah realized what he was up to, refused to hand the girl over, and fled.

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In Budapest

In 2011, Daniel Shaw tricked Sarah into going after Ryker, making her believe that he knew the baby's location. Though Sarah attempted to get the drop on Ryker, he captured her and tried to get her divulge the child's whereabouts.

When Sarah was rescued by Chuck and Casey, Ryker had taken the precaution of planting a bug on her, tying it into her hair, and finally learned the baby's location - she had been named Molly, and adopted by Sarah's mother Emma.

He moved immediately to obtain the girl, but Sarah had fail safes in place. Emma and Molly escaped to a secure location and Sarah had beaten Ryker him to Emma's house. She acted out washing the dishes while Ryker crept into the house, then ambushed him even as he tried to get the drop on her.

They each disarmed the other and fought a vicious hand to hand battle, Ryker was strangling Sarah, taunting her about how he would kill her, her mother, and the child, until he heard gunfire coming from outside. Distracted that Sarah was not acting alone as he expected, he began to turn. Sarah then stabbed him with a kitchen knife, killing him.