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Los Angeles Triad Logo

The Triad Logo as seen in "Chuck Versus The Best Friend". Translation: "Triad" (Vertical), "Los Angeles" (Horizontal)

The Los Angeles Triad is a hostile crime syndicate featured in the first two seasons of Chuck. They have been referred to as a gang, mafia, criminal organization, etc.

Sarah Walker described the LA Triad as a "Gang responsible for smuggling guns, drugs, and other weapons in and out of Los Angeles," an assessment General Beckman says is correct.

The Triad is likely still active after the events of the series finale as it had never officially been taken down as was Fulcrum, The Ring, Volkoff Industries, or Quinn's Company.

Plans foiled by Team Bartowski include the kidnapping and ransom of Mei-Ling Cho's brother Lee, and the attempted assassination of a Chinese ambassador by car bomb.