The Large Mart store located in the Burbank strip mall

Large Mart is a discount chain of "Cash 'N' Carry" style stores, with a massive example featured prominently next to the Burbank Buy More.

In the Pilot ("Chuck Versus the Intersect"), Chuck visits the Large Mart to purchase new locks for his apartment, after his computer is destroyed during a robbery done by Sarah to obtain the Intersect in it. Inside the store, Chuck spots a known Serbian demolitions expert, Vuc Andric, in one of his very first flashes.

Example products displayed at Large Mart include Astro Diapers, heavy garden shears and automatic drills. Large Mart is the constant rival and thorn in the side of Buy Moria and its citizens.

The interior of the Large Mart was filmed in a Costco Warehouse in Van Nuys, CA.

Large Mart is also the chain store featured in Hart of Dixie that George Tucker, played by Scott Porter, is trying to prevent from being built in their small town.

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