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Emotions pill

The Laudanol pill, as seen in Chuck Versus the Tic Tac

Laudanol is the name of a government-created experimental drug, seen in Chuck Versus the Tic Tac, which was designed by the CIA to supress the emotions. It was originally intended to be given to American soldiers, so that they would be able to perform better in battle, making them fearless, and supressing pain. Chuck asks if the pill would work for him, as it is the his constant emotional turmoil which is causing the Intersect 2.0 to function poorly.

On a mission to protect Kathleen McHugh, Chuck enters the house and prepares to fight off a team of James Keller's mercs, he informs Casey there are too many foes, and Casey tells him to take the Laudanol.

Chuck takes the pill and is able to perform without overthinking or second guessing or his emotions otherwise interfering - even being able to dodge a bullet. The pill's negative effect, however, is that the subject was not able to know when to stop. Chuck had one of Keller's men by the throat, slowly strangling him, as he watched dispassionately as the man was dying. The effects of the pill were overcome when Sarah urges Chuck to stop, and he responds, only then realizing what he had been doing.


Upon ingesting the pill, a subject becomes logical, rational, and amoral. They are unable to feel apprehension, anxiety, fear, guilt, pain. In essence, everything is reduced to a cost/benefit analysis. They gain an objective understanding of everything, they automatically adapt to any circumstance and operate with flawless efficiency. It is a state of total awareness and reaction not impeded by emotion. A mind more open and reactive to subtle sensory input, intuition, and spontaneous action. It is a mind that is completely calm - a mind not influenced or caught up in events or others emotion, thus a mind more able to freely perceive and respond to any situation for the advantage of the user.