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Seasons: 2
Portrayed by: Patrick Kilpatrick
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: Fulcrum Operative
Aliases: Leader
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Gravitron

Leader is the Fulcrum handler for Dr. Jill Roberts. Little is known about him, not even his real name.

Leader is a tough, hardened operative. His position overseeing the operation to infiltrate Castle indicates he is ranked somewhere above an ordinary field operative. The incident is the first confirmed instance of two Fulcrum agents working in tandem on the same operation. Leader is a talented, devious, strategist, and arranged his own capture to gain access to Castle by using Chuck's feelings for Jill against him.

Leader is  shown to be ruthless and very skilled in hand to hand combat, as he is able to hold his own and even gain the upper hand against John Casey.

He is eventually taken down by a surprise attack from Big Mike.

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