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Lizzie Shafai

Seasons: 01
Portrayed by: Noureen DeWulf
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: Fulcrum Operative
Relatives: Unknown
Residence: Unknown
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Marlin

Lizzie Shafai is a Fulcrum agent given a cover job working as the delivery girl for the Pita Parlour restaurant near the Buy More. After Tommy was captured by Team Bartowski, Fulcrum saw the Buy More as a possible front for a CIA substation, and sent Lizzie in to plant bugs in the store over the course of a month. They were connected to a wireless receiver hidden in Big Mike's office. Fulcrum hoped that any intel gathered wold pinpoint Bryce Larkin whom they believed to be the Human Intersect. She served as the secondary antagonist of Season 1.


Schwarma Girl

She posed as delivery girl, bringing food from the Pita Parlour to the Buy More whilst planting bugs throughout the store. Her preferred listening device was the short-range GLG-20, which required a receiver located on-site. Although she took advantage of her looks to deflect attention, Lizzie is a trained killer and quite formidable in hand-to-hand combat. She featured on Jeff and Lester's Mammary Cam footage, and it was from there that Chuck was able to obtain a picture of her face and forward it to Sarah as their prime suspect.

After reacquiring her receiver which she had secreted inside Big Mike's Marlin, she identified Chuck as the Intersect after listening to the intel her bugs captured and moved to abduct him, She was wearing Devon's diamond ring which Morgan had also hidden in the marlin, and mockingly asked Chuck who it was for. She was stopped by Sarah, who fought her to a stand still when the pair fell from a roof into a Dumpster. She was then taken into custody, the receiver confiscated, and Devon's diamond engagement ring lost in the Dumpster. After her arrest Chuck and Sarah searched through the garbage to find the rind and deliver it to Devon.