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Lon Kirk

Seasons: 1
Portrayed by: Michael Wiseman
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: billionaire money launderer and counterfeiter
Aliases: Lonny
Appearances: "Chuck Versus the Crown Vic"

Lon Kirk is a billionaire philanthropist who is well-known for hosting charity events, such as that scheduled at the New Constellation Yacht Club, infiltrated by Team Bartowski. Covertly, his Taiwanese charity served as the means to launder and import counterfeit American currency. Sarah is assigned to finesse him and try to ascertain his role in the counterfeiting, to which Chuck responds, "Oh, just, just you. Alone on his yacht. Kind of disrespectful to your boyfriend...Carmichael, actually. But don't worry, Carmichael's booked up tomorrow anyway. Very, very busy schedule, so...good luck and...good night."

Kirk attempted to destroy a yacht in Marina Del Ray containing the counterfeit printing plates with a GPS guided missile, "They're loading something on Kirk's boat. That's it. That's the missile launcher. They're going to follow them out and use it to take out the Taiwanese attaché's boat."

Kirk took charge of the missile launcher himself, "When the time comes, I'll pull the trigger. I never liked Rashan anyway." He was taken down by the team.