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The interior of Lou's Deli

Lou's Gourmet Italian Deli is a sandwich shop located in Burbank. It shares space in the same shopping plaza as the Buy More. It is owned by Lou Palone, and is first seen in Chuck Versus the Truth. It is a key plot location in Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami.


Chuck visits the deli often during Chuck Versus the Truth and Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami during the course of his short-lived romance with Lou. They met when she turned up at the Buy More with her cell phone in need of repair. She was on the verge of a major freak out, and Chuck calmed her down, telling her to go to her happy place, where she envisioned a new grilled sandwich, which she later names "The Chuck Bartowski" and it consists of turkey and Muenster on egg bread.

Chuck date with her at Club Ares went decidedly south since he was simultaneously trying to run a mission on her ex, unbeknownst to her. She stalked out after Sarah turned up and she realized Chuck was spending more time with their exes than with her. He appears at the deli, flowers in hand, the following day, and she makes him take a number and wait.  She claims to be too busy to talk when his first number comes up and insists he take another. After a considerable time - his number was 96 - he finally has had enough and comes around the counter to order a pastrami sandwich. Once the sandwich is made he gives her the flowers and she kisses him. Her counter man said, "He had me at pastrami," as he watches the couple make up.

Eventually, Chuck discovers she has been illegally importing meats which must normally first pass 10 day customs check. Such a wait would spoil them.  Team Bartowski had originally mistaken this for her being involved in weapons smuggling with Stavros Demetrios; her ex-boyfriend. Casey, posing as FDA, gets her to name the pier Stavros used, and apparently explains Chuck is one of his operatives, before telling her her pastrami is delicious.

The last time the deli comes into play is when Chuck says goodbye to Lou there. He tells her she is everything he is looking for, but he can't look right then.  She tells him that undercover or not, his was the best kiss she'd had in a long time, but the next time he was hungry, he should take it to the Wienerlicious.  He said he would miss the "Chuck Bartowski," she said she would, too.

After Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami, neither Lou nor the deli are seen again.


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