Frank Mauser was born on January 14, 1958 in Joliet, IL. A long-time LAPD negotiator, it is believed that he developed extensive ties with Fulcrum during his time as commandant of the LA Police Academy. Appeared in "Chuck Versus Santa Claus".

In the past, he held the ambassador of Peru as a hostage in exchange for 42 millions dollars to the CIA. However, he executed the ambassador after the CIA paid the money for him.

When the employees of the Buy More were taken hostage by Ned Rhyerson, Lt. Frank Mauser (Michael Rooker) took control as hostage negotiator. Mauser orchestrated the entire incident with Ned as his partner--from the high-speed police chase, to the car crashing into the Buy More and the hostage situation--all to identify who Casey and Sarah are assigned to protect.

Mauser's exact position within Fulcrum is unknown, however his claims that Fulcrum would be determined to rescue him indicates he held a fairly high rank within the organization. He was highly intelligent and his plan nearly succeeded in both identifying and capturing the Intersect, making him the closest any of their agents have come to achieving their goal (only Tommy and Lizzie had positively identified Chuck before, though Colt may have been suspicious). He knew both Casey and Sarah were assigned to protect someone within the Buy More, and arranged for Ned to eliminate Casey as a threat by feigning to accidentally shoot the latter in the foot: enough to disable him but a minor enough wound to keep the following negotiations believable. The operation required a high level of planning only seen before by Leader's operation to access Castle.

In addition to his tactical abilities Mauser was highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, possibly even superior to Sarah. Though he surrendered, he was executed by Sarah due to the extreme and immediate threat he presented to Chuck.

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