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Casey utilizing the M-134

The M-134 Minigun is a real-life multi-barrel 7.62 mm machine gun which utilizes Gatling-style rotating barrels, and is capable of firing at speeds of up to 6,000 rounds per minute.

It features in Chuck Versus the Pink Slip, when Casey initially mourns never having had the chance to use it, but then takes the opportunity to use it to rescue Chuck and Sarah at the end of the episode when he assaults a Ring base in Mexico from a helicopter before landing and extracting the pair.


  • Casey complains near the start of the episode that he was never given the opportunity to use the gun, which is clearly why he chose to employ it when rescuing Chuck and Sarah.
  • In the episode, Casey claims the gun fires at 3,400 RPM. The maximum speed of a real-life practical application of the gun is around 4,000 RPM, making this figure plausible. However, some modified M-134s are able to run as high as 6,000 RPM for short periods of time.