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The exterior of the apartment building

The Maison23 building is a 'temporary accommodation' hotel/apartment building located in downtown Los Angeles, notable for being the residence of CIA agent Sarah Walker throughout seasons one and two.

Sarah's Apartment[]

Sarah occupied room 832, it is in the nature of a large residential hotel room or efficiency apartment, save that it seems not to have a kitchen. There is a foyer, a large bedroom/sitting area, and a large bathroom/dressing area, but no kitchen is ever shown or implied.

Wookie 379

Sarah's Place

It features in several plot lines throughout the series, and Bryce Larkin stays there briefly at one point. It is also the location for several conversations between Chuck and Sarah, and features prominently in Chuck Versus the DeLorean, and Chuck Versus the Broken Heart. In Chuck Versus the Wookiee, it is the location chosen to introduce Sarah's former team mate, Carina Miller.

It is from here where Sarah sends her dad out for ice-cream so that General Beckman's agents fail to find him to arrest him.

It is also revisited briefly in Chuck Versus Sarah, presumably the same room as five years previously, in which Nicholas Quinn deceives a brainwashed Sarah into working for him.


Maison23 is, in reality, the Hotel Amarano, located at 322 North Pass Avenue in Burbank, CA.


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