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Malena Bernal

Seasons: Season 1
Portrayed by: Lorena Bernal
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: Arms dealer
Aliases: La Ciudad
Relatives: Unknown
Residence: Unknown
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Tango

Tell me how to fix a computer, Chuck.

Malena Bernal is a mysterious arms dealer who operates under the alias, La Ciudad, she is seen in Chuck Versus the Tango.

As La Ciudad, she gained a reputation as the world's most elusive and dangerous arms dealer, surviving by killing everyone who sees her face. Until Chuck Versus the Tango, everyone believed that La Ciudad was male; nobody outside her circle had ever seen her and lived to tell about it.

In the episode, she attends an art auction at Wiltshire Strand hotel, planning on purchasing a water lily painting that had weapons grade plutonium hidden inside its frame. Speaking to Chuck about the painting, she realizes that Chuck knows something about it, and invites him to tango with him in order to seduce him into telling her what he knows. After the dance, Chuck notices a scar on her neck, and flashes, he realizes that Malena is La Ciudad.

At that moment, Morgan called looking for Chuck naming him as Bartowski not Carmichael, as he'd introduced himself. Melena becomes suspicious and Chuck is taken prisoner.

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In La Ciudad's room, she tries interrogating him, and he tries insisting on his Carmichael identity, only to blurt out his real name when a knife is thrown at him. Ciudad then tries prodding Chuck into telling her who he works for. When he refuses, her henchmen pick up the chair he is strapped to, threatening to throw him off the balcony. He blathers about having snuck into the sale to impress a girl. then says he will tell her what he noticed about the painting if her men put him down. When they do so he points out the frame now on the painting differs from the one pictured in the newspaper. He also manages to convince her he's just a computer repairman, but she still resolves to kill him since he can identify her. Casey and Sarah, who have managed to locate Chuck, intervene, and force her to flee. She and her henchman rappel a floor down. Malena's henchman tells her that they have to get her out of the country. La Ciudad says that they must first take out Chuck, and she knows where to find him having lifted his Buy More ID card.

Whilst Melena sends her henchmen into the Buy More, she poses as a delivery girl and goes to a store roof where she sets up a sniper rifle. Sarah, who noticed her as she passed, follows her to the roof and starts a fierce hand to hand fight. Sarah eventually wins and handcuffs Melena to a pole. Presumably she is then taken into custody and incarcerated.


It is implied in retrospect that she works for Volkoff Industries, as her bodyguard, Yuri the Gobbler, reappears in season 4 as Volkoff's employee.