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Manoosh Depak

Seasons: 3
Portrayed by: Fahim Anwar
Status: Protective Custody
Occupation: Software engineer
Relationships: Chuck Bartowski (former handler)
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler

Manoosh Depak is an MIT dropout and software genius, who was contracted by the Ring to reverse engineer damaged Intersect 2.0 components from Chuck Versus the Ring. He then developed a pair of glasses that could be used to instill agents with abilities similar to Chuck's Intersect.

Chuck was ordered to make contact with Manoosh and cultivate him as an asset to learn more about his dealings with the Ring, after a large payment was transferred to his account. Chuck did so, and found himself feeling sympathy for the asocial, Manoosh. Manoosh, however, proved to be out for gain, and betrayed his Ring handlers in hopes of marketing his version of the Intersect to the highest bidder.

After the destruction of Manoosh's prototype at WeapCon Chuck very reluctantly "burned" his asset and delivered him to CIA protective custody.

Manoosh had several similarities to Chuck when he was at his low point, prior to Bryce sending him the Intersect, Manoosh, however, lacked Chuck's morality, and was willing to do anything for money, including betraying his Ring handlers.

Chuck empathized with him and almost let him walk, but in the end, knew the amoral Manoosh could not be trusted. Chuck tranqed him, and the team took him back to Castle. Manoosh who believed Chuck was a friend, tried to convince him to help him out of the jam. Visibly upset, Chuck was forced to tell Manoosh that he hadn't been his friend, but a spy.

Manoosh was then removed to a secure facility where he could not be used by the Ring or sell his talents to any others.