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The Marina Del Rey

The Marina Del Rey is Burbank's local marina, and is featured as a location during Chuck Versus the Crown Vic.


The Marina is first shown during a Nerd Herd install by Chuck, Lester, and Jeff on the Floating Hope, a yacht, where counterfeit money operations are discovered by Chuck.

The New Constellation Yacht Club is a mission location at the marina, as well.

The marina is then visited again, with Sarah attempting to get close to the leader of the operation; Lon Kirk. Casey and a team storm the Hope hoping to find evidence after Chuck flashed on it, only to blow their covers and find medicine instead.

Later, it is the location where Morgan meets Anna's parents for lunch, and he spots Sarah on the Hope. Lon Kirk later attempts to blow up the boat holding the evidence up with an RPG, which Chuck redirects to Casey's Crown Vic parked nearby.


  • Marina Del Rey loosely translates from Spanish as "Boat basin of the king"