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Mark Ratner


Seasons: 2
Portrayed by: Ben Savage
Status: Active
Occupation: Engineer
Relatives: Heather Chandler (wife)
Residence: San Diego (formerly)
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Cougars
You know what, Mark? Sometimes the nerd gets the girl.

Mark Ratner was born on April 24, 1980 in San Diego, CA. He is a kind and nerdy engineer who "just loves math."

It is revealed in Chuck Versus the Cougars that he attended James Buchanan High School in San Diego in the same graduating class as Heather Chandler and Sarah Walker, who was then using the pseudonym Jenny Burton. He had participated with Sarah in several high school activities: AV Club, Chess Team, and Mathletics.

When he steals plans for the new F-22 'super-bomber' from Winthrop-Keller Aeronautics and attempts to hand them over to Ivan Fyodorov and the Russian mob, Chuck, Sarah, and Casey intervene.

In the end it is revealed that his wife, Heather, is attempting to sell the plans to the Russian mob, and orders two mobsters who are also at the high school reunion, to kill both Chuck - who she knew as CIA agent Charles Carmichael - and Ratner, having overheard a conversation between him and Mark. Chuck urges Mark to run, while he points out the two men from the stage to Sarah and Casey.

Ratner believes that Chuck is actually Charles Carmichael, an CIA special agent, after he was saved several times by Casey, who either left before Ratner saw him or allowed Chuck to be seen as the savior, leading Ratner to believe Chuck is the CIA agent he is dealing with.

Sarah notices Heather leaving the gym and follows, and fights Heather, learning that she is selling out her husband; she never really loved Mark. Casey stops the Russians from killing Mark; although Mark thought Chuck saved him once again.

Nerd Notes[]

He shares his name with the nerdy Mark Ratner (Brian Backer) in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, while the alma mater shares its name with the Sweathogs' high school in the television series Welcome Back, Kotter.

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