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Martin Kowambe

Seasons: 3
Portrayed by: Allan Louis
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: Doctor
Residence: Zamibia
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Tooth

Kowambe is a minor antagonist appearing in the season 3 episode, Chuck Versus the Tooth.

When Chuck had a nightmare, it seemed it was connected to the Intersect intel in his brain. He realized that visiting diplomat,  President Jakaya Kuti, was in danger, and when no one would move on it based on just a dream, Chuck and Morgan staked out the presidential box during a concert, and Chuck flashed on entourage member, Dr. Martin Kowambe, who was considered one of Zamibia's most respected scientists.

The flash revealed that there was Ring intel hidden in a false tooth on Kowambe. Unfortunately, Chuck knocked out the wrong tooth during a confrontation, and was removed from the field to a psychiatric facility for evaluation. His position was further damaged when the tooth he took turned out to be nothing but a tooth.

Kowambe, however, tracked Chuck down, intent on finding out Chuck's source and how his cover had been blown. Kowambe injected Chuck with a psychotropic drug cocktail to make him talk. One of the other patients, Merlin, tried rallying the patients to Chuck's rescue, only for them all to be tranqed and subdued. Sarah and Casey, however, proved more effective, arriving to take down Kowambe and his men.

Beckman then confirmed that Kowambe was involved with illegal organ harvesting and experimentation with genetic manipulation and re-engineering, and he was going to sell his findings to a Ring operative. Chuck was vindicated, and Kowambe incarcerated.