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Mats Zorn was a "rich guy with a whistle blower website" that was said to make wiki-leaks look like child's play. He was seen in Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips.


Beckman hires Carmichael Industries to grab Zorn, and several CIA memos that had fallen into Zorn's hands. Zorn never stayed in one place longer than it took to refuel, and their window to get to him was when he passed though LA, and there was a sizable bounty on Zorn. She said she was outsourcing to Chuck in order to circumvent the leak.

When both Team Bartowski and Verbanski Corp showed up to claim the bounty and the mission almost ended in disaster due largely to Morgan's Intersect damaged brain, Zorn threw up his hands and begged to be taken to jail, "You're all a bunch of maniacs!"

Sarah and Gertrude cuffed him and took his case, agreeing effectively to split the bounty on him.


"Max Zorin" was the name of the villain in the James Bond movie A View to a Kill, portrayed by Christopher Walken.