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Matthew J. Willig
MatthewWillig 5
Biographical informations
Name Matthew J. Willig
Birthplace California
Birth Date January 21, 1969
Character information
Portrays Yuri Gobrienko
Season(s) 1,4

Matthew J. Willig is an American actor and former American football offensive tackle in the National Football League. He is also known for his intimidating build; 6′ 8½″ (2.04 m) weighing 318 lbs (142 kg), and a size 20 shoes.

He is most familiar to this wiki for portraying Yuri Gobrienko, and a body guard for Malena Bernal. It may be the same character, as the bodyguard is never named, but Yuri is Alexei Volkoff's muscle and depository of the Hydra network.

Interestingly, Matthew shares a scene with Chuck character Harry Tang who was played by C.S. Lee, who also appears in Dexter. They worked together for a couple of episodes when Matt played Little Chino.