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Matty and Scotty

Matty and Scotty

Seasons: 3
Portrayed by: Tony Sirico and Louis Lombardi
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Mobsters
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Fake Name

Matty and Scotty were two mobsters, seen in Chuck Versus the Fake Name, who had connections with The Ring. Sarah warned Chuck that these two weren't like normal gangsters are, calling them "old school."

Their role was to hire and provide the assassin, Rafe Gruber, with the information and location of the target that the Ring wanted killed. The target turns out to being Daniel Shaw who the Ring knew was still alive after the events of Chuck Versus the Mask revealed to them that he faked his supposed death in Chuck Versus Operation Awesome.

During their meeting with Chuck, who was posing as Rafe Gruber, Matty identified Casey as looking like Alex Coburn - "a hot shot sniper" he once served with. The mention of the name causes Chuck to flash, but the photo on the file was redacted. Casey's cover as a bad guy, however, is blown and Chuck has to be seen to torture Casey for information on who he works for.

Before this can go too far Shaw, Sarah, and CIA agents raid the room. With a prompt from Sarah, Chuck battles and defeats the team in order not to blow his cover, which enhances his credibility in the eyes of the two mobsters, who are now in complete awe of him. Chuck, Matty, and Scotty escape the raid and split up.

The next morning at the Buy More, Hannah mistakenly answers Chuck's phone and intercepts a call from the mobsters for Chuck, who say they will be at the store shortly. Chuck hurriedly gets back into character and meets them at the loading dock, where they smash his CIA issue watch and give him a tacky gold one as a gift to replace it, "Hey, you saved us from getting pinched yesterday, huh .... Never seen anything close to what you pulled off, Rafe...You did us a favor, and in turn, we did you a favor; we tracked down the location of the guy you're supposed to kill." They then take him to a high-rise apartment where he can get a good vantage point to his target. Chuck looks though the scope across to a hotel; over half a mile, and is stunned to learn that his target is Shaw. Worse, Sarah is with him. Chuck can hear their conversation through a planted bug and hears when Sarah tells Shaw he name was Sam. When he repeats it out loud, Matty and Scotty mistake his meaning, "The guy you're supposed to whack is Daniel Shaw. The organization that had us contract you thought this Shaw guy was dead. Turns out, he's just not dead yet."

Chuck tells them Sam is the girl, his girl, and that Shaw is with her. They are instantly sympathetic, "A bullet's too good for this guy. Yeah, you gotta look this jerk in the eye before you cap him." Chuck takes advantage of their sympathies as an opportunity to "confront" Shaw face-to-face, and warn him that he is the Ring's target. Once Shaw opens the door to him, Chuck punches Shaw and whispers that they're being watched.

Meanwhile, Gruber who has escaped custody tracks Chuck's whereabouts. He kills both Matty and Scotty, who remained behind to "cover" Chuck.


Tony Sirico and Louis Lombardi are well-known for their previous roles as mafiosi, with Sirico probably most remembered for his portrayal of New Jersey gangster Paulie Gualtieri in the HBO series The Sopranos, and Lombardi known for his recurring role as Agent Skip Lipari, also from The Sopranos.