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Meadow's Branch

Meadow Branch is a fictional American suburban subdivision, a cul-de-sac which houses the Fulcrum research team who are working on building a an Intersect, known as the Fulcrum Intersect, after Bryce Larkin thwarted their attempt to steal the CIA's / NSA's First Intersect.


In Chuck Versus the Suburbs,  a group of ten Fulcrum agents in a suburban community are seen testing their Intersect on humans and trying to create their own Intersect, deviating from the original designs. Without the original designers, like Orion, Fulcrum was having problems. They also had problems finding someone, like Chuck, who was able to retain all the intersect information, and had killed or mentally damaged several test subjects including covert agent, Jim Yeager.

When Chuck and his team are assigned to discover what is going on in the area, he accidentally uploads Fulcrum's test intersect into his brain. Fulcrum agents then kidnap him and prep him for the full upload. Strapped into a chair in the Fulcrum lab, Chuck survives the upload of yet another database. It is apparently a far more traumatic experience than the CIA version, he can be heard to scream on occasion and was visibly uncomfortable, and at the end seems almost catatonic. He pretends to be far more effected than he was, however, and his deception allows him to co-ordinate with Casey, and protect Sarah, who was the next to be strapped into the test chair. Casey activates the Intersect while the Fulcrum team are still in the test room. This has devastating effects for everyone in the room except for Chuck and Sarah who kept their eyes tightly closed.

Only three of the Fulcrum operatives were able to leave the facility under their own power, the rest were ether dead or severely incapacitated.

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Fulcrum's Meadow Branch Initiative