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Meet the Nerd Herders, Part 3
Nerd Herd Reviews: Romantic Comedies
Series Meet the Nerd Herders
Air Date Unknown
Length 1:33
Previous Meet the Nerd Herders, Part 2
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Meet the Nerd Herders, Part 3 is the third episode of Chuck supplemental series, Meet the Nerd Herders, which features the Nerd Herd team seen creating promotional video product reviews for items sold at the Burbank Buy More.


Anna and Jeff, who is standing in for Lester, review some Romantic Comedy DVDs sold in the Buy More.

Full Story[]

Anna announces that they are reviewing Romantic Comedies in general, as Jeff and Anna both agree that Romantic Comedies all pretty much stink, however, they have been told not to be negative because it may affect sales at the Buy More.

Anna goes on to say that, to avoid being fired, they both picked out a Romantic Comedy that they actually enjoyed, or in her case, one that didn't make her want to vomit.

Anna has picked out Woody Allen's Annie Hall, Jeff, however, has picked out Star Wars which Anna tells him isn't a romantic comedy. Jeff asks Anna if she's trying to tell him that a blossoming romance between a young Luke and Leia is a figment of his imagination, that the sexual tension doesn't fly off the screen and into her soul. Anna argues that Luke and Leia are brother and sister and that Star Wars isn't a romcom. Jeff suggests that Han loves Chewbacca and the Millennium Falcon.

Anna argues that by Jeff's logic that The Graduate is an action film because it has a chase scene at the end, or Braveheart is a horror film because someone gets beheaded. Jeff replies that he's not even familiar with these films.

Anna, who's a little annoyed by now, asks Jeff if there are any actual romantic comedies he liked, which he replies that he liked Mona Lisa Smile and starts to smile to the camera. Anna tells him to stop that.