Mei-Ling Cho


Seasons:Season 1
Portrayed by:Gwendoline Yeo
Status: Alive
Occupation:Chinese Intelligence Spy
Relatives: Lee Cho (brother)
Appearances: "Chuck Versus the Sizzling Shrimp"

Mei-Ling Cho is a Chinese Intelligence agent. She is portrayed by Gwendoline Yeo.

She is in the United States to rescue her brother Lee Cho, a low level diplomat working at the Chinese consulate who has been kidnapped by Chinatown Triad leader, Ben Lo Pan. She is gone rogue, without her government's approval, as they refused to save her brother.

She is first seen in the kitchens of Bamboo Dragon when Chuck, Sarah and Morgan are picking up their Sizzling Shrimp. Chuck flashes on her and tells Sarah that she is one of China's top spies and is involved with the Triad. Beckman is informed and Team Bartowski stake out the restaurant in their van. They spot Mei-Ling entering the club armed with a Chinese government issue weapon, causing Chuck to believe that Mei-Ling is there to kill Ben Lo Pan.

The team unintentionally foil her attempt when Sarah and Casey enter the club and get involved in a gun fight, while Chuck inadvertently helps Ben Lo Pan escape, who attempted to escape on his own with his wheelchair.

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