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Seasons: 2
Portrayed by: Tug Coker
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: Ring Operative
Relationships: John Casey (former team mate)
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Ring

Miles was a member of John Casey's special ops unit. In the interrum between then and his and Casey's next meeting, he was turned by the Ring.

Miles assassinates the imprisoned Ted Roark and his own men on Casey's team just after Ellie and Devon's wedding.

Miles had Casey at gunpoint after assassinating the rest of his team, Casey asks Miles if he was a member of Fulcrum, but Miles denies it and knocks Casey unconscious, sparing him since Casey had once saved his life.

He resurfaces again in the final scene of the episode, where he leads the rest of his agents to the secret Intersect Base, where they used Bryce Larkin to gain access to the room holding the Intersect.

He is later revealed as an agent of the Ring. Bryce reveals that the Ring is an organization that Fulcrum was only one part of.

Miles attempted to steal the Intersect 2.0, but was foiled by Chuck, who uploaded it into his own brain before destroying the system.

He attempted kill Chuck, but was defeated when it was revealed the new Intersect gave Chuck advanced martial arts skills.

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