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Seasons: Season Five
Portrayed by: Rachel Eggleston
Status: Alive
Occupation: child
Aliases: Unknown
Relatives: Sarah Walker (sister)
Chuck Bartowski (brother in law)
Emma (mother)
Residence: Unknown
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Baby

Molly is a little girl who appears in Chuck Versus the Baby. She is revealed through flashbacks, to have been the only survivor of a very wealthy Hungarian family, murdered by criminals, and then been rescued by Sarah Walker from corrupt CIA agent Kieran Ryker. She was 'the package' Sarah obtained in the aftermath of the slaughter of her family.

Ryker wanted the surviving infant in order to get hold of her family's money to which she is the only heir. Sarah thwarted his plans by not only not delivering the infant to him but vanishing with her. Eventually, Sarah takes Molly to Emma, her mother, and asks Emma to care for her. To keep the baby and her mother safe, Sarah cut herself off from them completely, never contacting her mother at all.


Chuck meets Molly

Five years later, Sarah fears that their safety is at risk due to Shaw's machinations, he had alerted Ryker to the fact that the baby was alive. Sarah moved to eliminate the threat, but instead inadvertently led Ryker to her mother and Molly by her actions. With Chuck and Casey finally read into the situation, she sends her mother an evacuation code so the pair have gone when Sarah confronts and kills Ryker at her mother's house.

Molly and Emma have been taken in by Chuck and Sarah's family. Molly is seen happily playing video games with Morgan when Sarah, Chuck, and Casey return. Sarah reunites with her mother who introduces her to Molly, "Molly, I want you to meet someone very important. This is your sister Sarah."

Molly does not appear in any further episodes, nor is she mentioned again.