Morgan and Alex's Apartment refers to the Echo Park, Burbank apartment that John Casey occupied from the first couple of episodes of Season 1 to the series finale, Chuck Versus the Goodbye

Morgan and Alex's Apartment is featured less often but still fairly regularly throughout the series. Notable appearances include during "Chuck Versus the First Date", as Casey prepares to kill Chuck, and during "Chuck Versus the Third Dimension", when rock star Tyler Martin is tranq'ed and brought there. Another notable moment is during "Chuck Versus the Colonel", when Devon breaks into Casey's apartment and eventually discovers Chuck, Sarah and Casey's secret. In "Chuck Versus the Tooth", Justin Sullivan, a Ring agent convinces Ellie that Casey is a double agent, and Ellie is somewhat convinced when she sees the stash of guns in Casey's apartment.

As of "Chuck Versus the First Bank of Evil", Morgan is now Casey's roommate after he finds out that Casey is secretly working with the NCS at Castle.

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Casey's apartment has had a spy makeover which not only equipment it with weapon stores, and a direct feed to Beckman, but also has other spy defences. In "Chuck Versus the First Date" the apartment is shown to have a scanner near the outside of the door to scan people for weapons. Also in the same episode it also has some sort of chemical shower that Casey uses to wash off poison powder.

In "Chuck Versus the Third Dimension" the apartment is shown to have an alarm system that is cable of caging off the living room, in order to trap people who are trying to use the equipment without being authorised.

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