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Morimoto First-Generation Weapon Satellite

The Morimoto First-Generation Weapon Satellite was a missile satellite created by Mr. Morimoto when he worked for the Japanese military. The satellite was launched in 1980 and it remained dormant but was still operational. Mr. Morimoto programmed the launch codes for the satellite into the kill screen of every version of his arcade game Missile Command.

In Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer, villain, Farrokh Bulsara, placed a bomb within a game console to force Morimoto to beat Missile Command so he could retrieve the launch codes and use the satellite to start a global conflict. Before the bomb killed him, Morimoto gave Chuck the clue he would later need to beat the game. Chuck Bartowski was able to use Rush's Tom Sawyer to help beat Missile Command and gave the code to Sarah Walker so she could disarm the satellite.

The Air Force later bounced the satellite off the atmosphere so it would burn up and be destroyed.


  • The satellite's launch code is OZPGSB, which Chuck relays as "Oscar... Zelda... Penguin... Gamma... Sector... Bob...." when reporting to Sarah.
  • Farrokh Bulsara was the given name of Queen front man, Freddie Mercury.