Moses Finkelstein is the unseen owner of the Buy More chain of electronics stores, he has been mentioned on several occasions.

He is first mentioned by Emmett Milbarge in "Chuck Versus the Sensei", when Milbarge brings back the "old Buy More tradition" of Employee of the Month. The employee with the highest sales service would have their name and photo posted on the wall next to the photo of the Buy More founder, Moses Finkelstein.

Moses is mentioned again in "Chuck Versus the Ring: Part 2" when he phones Big Mike on his secret phone labelled "Moses" to warn Mike that the Burbank Buy More is at risk of being closed due to poor management and weak sales. This leads Mike, Lester, and Jeff to plan a "Going Out of Business Sale" to try and raise the sales numbers. It is apparent that does not own the Burbank Buy More after it's destruction by fire and the subsequent CIA takeover.

  • The name could be a reference to the 'You Don't Have To Be Jewish' comedy album sketch in which a character explains that he's  'in women's underwear.'
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