Mr. Colt


Portrayed by:Michael Clarke Duncan
Status: Incarcerated
Appearances: "Chuck Versus the First Date"

Mr. Colt is a villain-for-hire in the first Season Two episode "Chuck Versus the First Date".

Mr. Colt is hired by Fulcrum to obtain the Cipher from the CIA/NSA. At the start of "Chuck vs. the First Date", he hangs Chuck off a building as Chuck is in possession of the Cipher. However, Sarah and Casey break into the building and force Colt to hand over Chuck and the Cipher at gunpoint, which he does, before using a rope to slide down the outside of the building and escaping. Later, when Chuck and Sarah are on a date, he arrives and demands that they come with him. Casey, on the other hand, is sprayed by a courier with a deadly toxin, and the courier escapes with the Cipher. He does however manage to drive his Crown Victoria through the restaurant wall and rescues Chuck and Sarah, before Colt punches him in the face, leaving a bruise in the shape of his ring. Chuck then flashes on Casey's scar at the Buy More, locating Colt's secret hideout. Whilst Casey and Sarah investigate, Chuck stays at the Buy More - however, they soon realize the base is now defunct.

Colt then lures Chuck to a similar building under the cover of a "computer emergency", where he calls Chuck from the Nerd Herd before holding him hostage. Chuck then manages to convince Colt and his men that they are surrounded by government agents, however, and escapes when they are distracted looking for his supposed agents. However, Colt then confronts Chuck as he attempts to leave, and holds him off the top of the building, demanding Chuck to return the Cipher. When Sarah holds him at gunpoint, he drops Chuck as he tells him that it was not worth it. Sarah and Colt engage in hand-to-hand combat, of which Colt is the victor.

Meanwhile, Casey manages to grab Chuck as he falls and saves him. Casey then climbs to the top of the building and holds Colt at gunpoint, but Colt's men then appear, and force Casey to drop his weapon. However, Chuck appears with a real SWAT team through the stairwell, and, outnumbered, Colt and his men admit defeat and are apprehended by Casey and the team.


  • Colt is apparently humorous in nature, claiming his employers give him the "heebee-jeebies". He also asks Sarah, "Do you find me imposing? Go ahead be honest. I was going for imposing."

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