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Mr Morimoto

Seasons: Season 2
Portrayed by: Clyde Kusatsu
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Game developer
covert operative (former)
Aliases: none
Relatives: Unnamed
Residence: Burbank
Appearances: Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer

Mr. Morimoto is a video game developer, seen in Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer, who developed the classic arcade game "Missile Command" which is also at the heart of the episode. He is portrayed by veteran character actor Clyde Kusatsu.

Chuck's flash on his name revealed that Morimoto secretly worked for the Japanese military. In 1980, they launched Morimoto's first-generation weapons satellite, still lying dormant in its orbit.

Team Bartowski break into Atari where Chuck finds him in his private office, He tells Chuck that the terrorist has taken the code for the satellite. "I knew I should've never hidden the numbers inside the machine.... Every game, hidden in the final board. The kill screen. A secret level only I could achieve. The mathematics underlying the final board are too advanced. It's like the music of the universe."

Morimoto First-Generation Weapon Satellite

Chuck asks if Morimoto is listening to Rush, and he replies the game is is based on the "music of the universe." He then tells Chuck to leave, there is a bomb connected to his game. Chuck tries to make Morimoto leave, but he says that it will blow up if he doesn't play. Casey arrives and drags Chuck out of danger before the bomb detonates killing Morimoto.

Chuck is later forced to play Missile Command, after Jeff has a panic attack and passes out. Chuck makes an attempt to gain the code and stop the missile, instead of the NSA's plan to shoot it down, which will result in "acceptable civilian casualties." After a bad start, he flashes on a bystander's Rush shirt. The Intersect correlates Rush's Tom Sawyer to the game. Remembering Morimoto's words about "the music of the universe" being the key to win, he realizes that "The mathematical pattern underlying the game is exactly the same," and he sends Morgan to find a copy of the song to play for him to follow.

Chuck plays the video game perfectly and achieves the legendary kill screen, where he unlocks the missile launch code, which he transmits to Sarah who stops Morimotos satellite from arming. Later that evening, the Morimoto satellite is destroyed, burning up in the atmosphere.

Nerd Notes[]

The original Missile Command arcade game was developed by Dave Theurer for Atari in 1980. The character of Mr. Morimoto is likely inspired by famed Nintendo designer and producer Shigeru Miyamoto, although a lesser known Pokemon developer named Shigeki Morimoto is also a possibility.

The original Missile Command arcade game does not include a "kill screen" as seen in this episode, or any special code. It is, however, technically possible to continue playing the game as long as you have cities remaining, and do not reach the limit of 256 bonus cities, which will then cause the game to crash due to programming limitations of the early arcade games. The world record marathon score for Missile Command is 103,809,990 points, achieved by Victor Sandberg in 2013, ending just under 72 hours.