Mrs. Winterbottom

Mrs. Winterbottom is the mother of Hartley Winterbottom, the birth name and real identity of Alexei Volkoff, and is therefore the grandmother of Vivian Volkoff. Winterbottom lives in Somerset, England, and is portrayed by Millicent Martin.

Winterbottom is aware that her son is a scientist working under the CIA, and that Stephen Bartowski was a close friend and colleague of his.

She is not to be confused with Hartley's grandmother, named Vivian Winterbottom.

Hartley Edit

Her son Hartley was recruited for a covert op and given the codename "Agent X". Completely having no idea on how to be a spy when assigned to rat out arms dealers in the black markets, Stephen helped Hartley with his cover by creating the Intersect. The Intersect was used by him to gain deep government information and profiles on people he suspect could lead to bigger events. Eventually, the Intersect overwhelmed and corrupted him, making him lose all memories of who he is, causing Hartley to truly believe he is his cover identity; Alexei Volkoff.

Since then, he founded Volkoff Industries and became the world's most wanted arms dealer. Mrs. Winterbottom is aware that Stephen had gone AWOL from the CIA since then and had spent his whole life trying to fix her son and to bring him back. However, it would most likely appear that she is unaware of the entire covert op her son was working on, as like other spy projects, is classified. This would mean that she has no knowledge of where her son is.

John Casey describes her as "like the mother I never had". Mrs. Winterbottom herself is action hero material, taking on, and out, a group of mercs who assault her home with a machine gun in the coffee table and then a grenade on top of it. She says her son was much more like Chuck, not comfortable with guns.

First appeared in: "Chuck Versus Agent X"

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