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It is said that he who owns the Nadan-i-Noor rules the world.

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Chuck and Nadan-i-noor

Nadan-i-noor is a 57 facet diamond, the name of which translates to "fool of light" from the Persian. It is seen in Chuck Versus the Wookiee in the possession of Peyman Alahi, an international financier for an Afghan opium cartel, and was known to be heavily guarded inside of Alahi's Malibu compound. Team Bartowski were instructed to take Chuck to Alahi's compound to get his Intersect data on his alarm system then coordinate with Carina Miller to set up the grab for the following day.

Once the team got in to see the diamond, however, they obtained security information from Alahi: "...if touched, the vault will seal itself off; the gas will fill the room; and after that, my security team would eliminate the threat." Carina, then picks Chuck's brain for a way to steal the diamond, and he points out "the guy wearing the fur sweater failed to mention one fairly significant security detail... 20, 000 volts of electricity protecting the stone." To get around the trap, she asks what he would do to fix the problem, and he speculatively suggests using compressed air to knock it off its pedestal, and points to the fire extinguisher as something that would work. Carina does as he suggests, and steals the diamond immediately, leaving Team Bartowski in the lurch.



When Chuck asks if she will sell it, he is told, "No, she's a gamer. She'll give it to her bosses, move up the DEA's covert ranks." Carina hides the diamond on Morgan when cornered by Casey, and then attempts to steal it back from Chuck's apartment. Chuck however, discovers " is not a drug diamond, okay? I repeat: it is not a drug diamond. It belongs to an Afghani terrorist group... it is way more dangerous than we thought." He and a reluctant Carina then use the diamond to rescue Sarah, then being held by Alahi. In the ensuing fight, Chuck grabs the diamond and runs, "Got to hide it! Got to hide it! Got to hide it!"

He packages it and accidentally mails it to General Beckman, "Capturing the Nadan-I-Noor Diamond has dissolved Peyman Alahi's credibility. His network has fallen apart. We were also able to thwart the purchase of $26 million of surface-to-air missiles the Afghani terrorist group was planning on buying. No diamond, no cash, no sale."

The Nadan-i-noor is described as having never been known to have been bought or sold but only changed owners through theft, conquest, or endowment.