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The National Clandestine Service (NCS) is the main U.S. intelligence agency in the series for collecting human intelligence, and is a semi-independent division of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).


The NCS recruits foreign agents from every intelligence agency available for covert operations, and to generally collect every foreign intelligence available from each and every agency to exist.

Its subdivision, the Special Activities Division (SAD), are highly skilled in covert transportation of personnel and material. SAD is also tasked with utilizing guerrilla warfare such as deploying explosives, assassination, and to sabotage. The subdivision is readily deployed for myriad possible needs.

The NCS is introduced in Chuck with the Season Four episode Chuck Versus the Masquerade, where the NCS are installing their own additions to CIA substation Castle. The additional areas are strictly forbidden to all except for their own personnel. John Casey of the National Security Agency (NSA) was tempted by Deputy Director Jane Bentley into joining her covert operation at Burbank. He eventually agrees and leads the NCS Intersect Project by himself, when he realizes that Team Bartowski had not been putting him to good use.

Known Projects[]

  • The NCS Intersect is a project directed personally by the Deputy Director, Jane Bentley. The project aims in utilizing more Intersect agents, commonly referred to as human Intersects. Agents Richard Noble and Victoria Dunwoody are chosen to use the Intersect, with John Casey as the project leader. However, this project ultimately failed when Dunwoody unintentionally armed a nuclear device in the middle of Los Angeles, requiring Chuck to disarm it with the salt water from his juice box to initiate a fail-safe in the warhead.

Known Staff[]



Stations and Headquarters[]

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