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Necati Acar
Wikia Chuck - Necati Acar

Seasons: 1
Portrayed by: Timur Kocak
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: Criminal
Aliases: The Turk
Appearances: Chuck Versus the A-Team

Necati Acar known as 'The Turk', is the target of a sting operation by Casey and his new team of former Gretas. When Sarah and Chuck try to provide back-up they only manage to complicate things.

Once in custody, Acar provides information leading to the take down of Dragan Pichushkin, he agreed to lure Dragan onto U S soil under one condition, that they offer his family asylum, but all they have is a first name... Jana.

Chuck and Sarah are dispatched to escort Jana to the US, Jana, however turns out to be a small dog. Once she is returned to Acar, he provides the information required, "I told you everything I know about Dragan's shipments," to the Gretas whom he describes as "a pair of evil robots."