The Nerd Herd is a fictional computer and technical support division of the Buy More in Chuck.

It is a parody of similar teams, like Best Buy's (itself parodied by the Buy More store) Geek Squad.

Many of the subplots that occur at the Buy More involve mostly members of the Nerd Herd. The Nerd Herd is the team of employees in charge of fixing computers and home electronics.

The team Edit

At the Burbank store, Chuck is the leader and supervisor of the Nerd Herd, and his team includes Lester Patel, Jeff Barnes, and Skip Johnson. Lester and Jeff consider themselves 'computer artists', working with Mac products and not sullying their minds or hands with Microsoft-compatible products.

All the Nerd Herders wear white collar shirts and a tie. Unlike the Buy More sales staff, who are wearing green polo shirts. The Greenshirts however, include John Casey and Fernando.

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Search engine Edit


Chuck searching for "The Contessa"

Though, never used in the show, an episode in Season Four has shown that the Nerd Herd has their own search engine. Chuck desperately uses it to find out about "The Contessa", a spy mission related objective.

The results of the search were never shown as Devon shows up immediately afterwards to converse with him. Though, it is safely assumed the search results were either leading to loose ends or completely inaccurate results.

Cars Edit

The employees of the Nerd Herd attend to service call outs in their Nerd Herder. There are a total of five Nerd Herders. The Nerd Herders all have red and white coloring, with the Nerd Herder logo on the sides.

Production Edit

The Nerd Herd plays a significant role in the branding of the series, and the "running man" stick figure logo features prominently into the opening credits sequence through the entire series.

In earlier videos showing the casting of Chuck before the pilot episode, Chuck refers to the Nerd Herd as the Geek Force. This indicates that the Nerd Herd was originally to be called the Geek Force.

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