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Chuck and Sarah enter the New Constellation Yacht Club, as seen in Chuck Versus the Crown Vic

The New Constellation Yacht Club is a social club located in the Marina Del Rey. It is a mission destination in Chuck Versus the Crown Vic.


Team Bartowski is sent to the club on a mission to find out more about billionaire, Lon Kirk's, alleged money laundering operations. Chuck and Sarah enter as a couple, and sit down to play roulette with Kirk. Chuck is staked with $100,000 by the government, but assumes it's only $100, not being used to six figure amounts, and loses it all on one spin.

Lon Kirk expresses an interest in Sarah, which is later exploited to find out further information on his yacht; the Floating Hope.

Chuck flashes on a man named Rashan Chen, who he discovers is attempting to use the event to launder money through Lon Kirk's illegal operations.