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Orange Orange

The Orange Orange, is a frozen yogurt shop, that serves as Sarah's cover job and surveillance point for observing the Buy More starting in Season Two, taking the place of the German hot dog franchise, Wienerlicious, which served the same purpose in Season One. Although in Chuck Versus the First Date, Chuck said he missed the Wienerlicious, Sarah said it made her clothing smell like sausage. He agreed that killed the nostalgia. The shift also made Sarah's cover wardrobe far more practical, instead of the multiple petticoats and dirndl skirt of the sausage shop, she was able to wear a tank top and jeans and a pair of orange Chucks.

In addition to providing a front for her to monitor the Burbank Buy More, it also acts as a front for Castle, their new secret base of operations. Orange Orange is an apparent parody of Red Mango Frozen Yogurt [1] or Pinkberry, described by Chuck in Chuck Versus the Cougars as "...semi-tart, Asian-influenced frozen yogurt shops..."


Sarah in the Orange Orange

The Orange Orange was last seen in Chuck Versus the Final Exam when Chuck and Sarah share a brief conversation there after he passes the first part of his spy test.

The store was not shown again, although no mention was made that Sarah's cover had changed. The store was neither mentioned or seen from Season Four onward. After the Buy More was rebuilt as a full CIA/NSA substation, the main entrance to Castle was moved there, as was seen in Chuck Versus the Leftovers. When Volkoff seized control of the Buy More, he knew it was concealing a CIA and NSA substation. Team Bartowski is trapped in Castle, when the Buy More is seized by Volkoff's operatives. Sarah and Chuck discuss a way to escape, but the Orange Orange and its previously seen exit was never brought up.


  • During interviews with Josh Schwartz, he said that he always envisaged the Orange Orange as a store where the yogurt doesn't taste very good - therefore there would be fewer customers and the CIA/NSA could do their work without worrying about the public.
  • Yvonne Strahovski admitted that she hated yogurt, "It's the only food...that actually makes me gag."
  • The exterior shots of the Orange Orange, are shot using the same building as the one for the Wienerlicious , located at 34°11'17.75"N, 118°37'25.48"W.