Orange Orange

The Orange Orange is the frozen yogurt shop where Sarah works starting in Season Two, after previously working in the Wienerlicious during Season One. As well as providing a front for her to monitor the Burbank Buy More, it also acts as a front for Castle, their secret base of operations. Flavors include Obama Guava, Vanilla and others. Orange Orange is an apparent parody of Red Mango Frozen Yogurt.[1]

The exterior shots of the Orange Orange, are shot using the same building as the one for the Wienerlicious , located at 34°11'17.75"N, 118°37'25.48"W.

It was last seen in "Chuck Versus the Final Exam" when Chuck and Sarah share a brief conversation after he passes the first part of his test. Although no longer shown, it probably remains as Sarah's cover until the end of season 3.

The store can be assumed to have been either closed or under civilian possession as it is never mentioned or seen from Season Four onwards after the Buy More was rebuilt as a full CIA/NSA substation. This is further proved in "Chuck Versus the Leftovers", when Volkoff seized control of the Buy More, with knowledge of the Buy More being a CIA and NSA substation. Team Bartowski is trapped in Castle, as the Buy More has been seized by Volkoff's operatives. Sarah and Chuck discuss a way to escape, but they were "sitting ducks". The Orange Orange was never brought up.


  • Interestingly, during interviews with Josh Schwartz, he claims that he always envisaged the Orange Orange as a store where the yogurt doesn't taste very good - therefore there'd be fewer customers and the CIA/NSA can do their work without worrying about the public.


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