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Otto von Vogel


Seasons: 3
Portrayed by: Udo Kier
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: Criminal
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Role Models

Otto von Vogel was in the process of developing a deciphering key that would render all government security software useless.

Chuck and Sarah were ordered by General Beckman to infiltrate a party thrown by Otto as a cover for the sale for his software, and observe as CIA spy couple Craig and Laura Turner acquired the software. Unfortunately, the Turners appeared to have blown the mission, forcing Chuck and Sarah to take over.

Otto is stern and ruthless, and among his eccentricities, he keeps a Bengal tiger named Sasha as a pet. He had the decryption software secured by placing it in Sasha's collar. After the software was stolen and the Turners attempted to turn on Chuck and Sarah, Otto tracked the two spy couples to Chuck's apartment, where Sasha was turned loose to search for the Turners while Otto confronted Chuck and Sarah directly. However the Turners escaped and got the drop on him, and while distracted, Chuck and Sarah quickly neutralized him and his henchmen.


  • The tiger is presumably to do Ernst Stavro Blofeld one better, and his name means "bird" (Vogel) in German.