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Pedro St Germain

Seasons: 5
Portrayed by: Omar Dorsey
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Arms and drugs dealer
Residence: Florida Everglades
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Kept Man

Pedro St. Germain is a notorious drug and weapons dealer based in Florida seen in Chuck Versus the Kept Man. All guns and narcotics that flow up from the south go through him. He uses Rocky Falcone to broker a deal for the Aegis smart guns with Gertrude Verbanski, but when under questioning, Falcone gave up St. Germain, Verbanski asks Team Bartowski to assist her in the take down. The FBI had hired her to find St. Germain and Sarah recalls that there is "an enormous FBI bounty" on the man.

Verbanski and her men arrive at the Everglades compound, and she orders an easterly approach, and that St. Germain be taken alive. The quarry, however, had an ambush prepared and most of Verbanski's team fell to snipers.

St. Germain explained, "Figured it was only a matter of time before that rat, Falcone, sold me out." He then abducted Verbanski and made a ransom call to Casey for 10 million dollars.

Casey showed up at the compound that night and said he was there for a trade with St. Germain. As St. Germain examined the case of (counterfeit) money, Chuck burst through the window with an Aegis weapon set on safety so no other Aegis could fire on him, and he served as the cover for Casey and Verbanski.

St. Germain, however, armed himself with a shotgun, "...shotguns ain't got safeties." At which point, Sarah crashed into the compound and runs him down with a humvee.