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The Pilot Party Women refers to four otherwise unnamed women who attended the birthday party Ellie threw for her brother in the opening scenes of the series pilot.

Chuck complains, "I don't really feel like we're fitting in at my birthday party, 'cause we don't know any body, 'cause they're all your friends, and they all happen to be doctors." His sister replies, "Chuck, I have invited real, live women - for you!" Telling him that he's handsome and smart and funny and he is going to be social. Chuck is clearly unenthusiastic. The ensuing montage shows Chuck speaking to four different women about whom nothing is revealed, not even their names, only that they are apparently friends of Ellie's whom she has invited for the express purpose of introducing Chuck to new people.


Party Woman #1

Each greets Chuck, and Woman 1 asks Chuck if he is wearing a costume to the party, to which Chuck replies no, that he works for the Nerd Herd. Woman 2 thinks that is cute. Woman 2 then asks Chuck what he really wants to do, to which Chuck rather blankly replies that he's working on his five year plan, he just needs to choose a font.

Woman 3 asks Chuck about the medical tape on his fingers,and if he hurt his hand? Chuck replies that the tape is because he had been playing Call of Duty and the controller chafes after a couple of hours.

Woman 4 asks Chuck if it's true that he went to Stanford University, and he says he did. She revels that she did too, graduating in 2002. She asks Chuck what his major was, and he replies engineering. She says that she knew a great guy who was an engineer, ran track, and was a gymnast, too. Chuck fades even more, if possible, and says that she must mean Bryce Larkin, his ex room-mate. Chuck thinks is an accountant now. She asks Chuck if he has a girlfriend to which he responds he did have one at Standford; Jill. Chuck then starts rambling on about how he met Jill and the camera pulls back showing that Chuck is alone; the women have left.

Ellie asks Devon how Chuck is doing and he replies, "Not awsome."

After the party, Ellie points out, "Chuck, can I tell you something? Even though we may ask, no woman really wants to hear about an old girlfriend. It's depressing, okay?"




Young Woman #2


Young Woman #3


Young Woman #4