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The Fulcrum agent "Lizzie" carrying a Pita Parlour delivery

Pita Parlour is a specialty food shop located in Burbank. It is featured in Chuck Versus the Marlin, when an undercover Fulcrum agent, Lizzie Shafai, poses as a delivery girl. She is seen delivering schwarma to the Buy More in the opening scenes of the episode, she tells Lester "Wow, 29 orders this month. One more, and you'll get a free baba ghanoush."

Her cover is blown, however, when Chuck later realizes that she has been planting one bug every time she makes a delivery to the Buy More - 29 deliveries, 29 bugs.


  • Interestingly, the company name is spelt inclusive of the "u" which is usually only present in British English; rather than the American "Parlor".