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The Playland Arcade, as seen in Chuck Versus the Sandworm

Playland Arcade is a video game arcade located at the Santa Monica pier and is seen in Chuck Versus the Sandworm.


Chuck is sent to find Morgan by Big Mike, after he goes missing from his double shift at the Buy More. He easily finds Morgan at the Playland Arcade playing "Guitar Shredder" with Laszlo Mahnovski, whom Chuck flashes on and identifies as an escaped CIA asset and suspected murderer.

Chuck attempts to rush Morgan out of the arcade, having seen Laszlo as being noted as "Considered Dangerous" in his file. Laszlo, for his part, realizes Chuck is CIA when he notices his watch, which is later revealed to have been designed by Laszlo. He questions Chuck who denies everything. Laszlo then runs from the area.

Later, after Laszlo tries to threaten Chuck with a water gun, the two go out for pancakes, where Laszlo states that he was initially recruited at the arcade, after a CIA agent saw him playing Tetris.

He offers a drawing on a napkin as an IOU after Chuck picks up the bill, and this eventually leads Chuck to find Laszlo back at the pier, having he had stolen Chuck's Nerd Herder.

Team Bartowski are then able to foil Laszlo's attempt to blow up the annual Halloween party at the pier and the Playland Arcade, the origins of his current life.

Notable Visitors[]