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Alejandro Goya


Seasons: 3, 4
Portrayed by: Armand Assante
Status: Alive
Occupation: President of Costa Gravas
Relationships: Hortencia Goya (wife)
Residence: Costa Gravas
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Angel of Death
Chuck Versus the Coup d'Etat

Premier Alejandro Fulgencio Goya (First appeared in: "Chuck Versus the Angel of Death") is the dictator of the Latin American country Costa Gravas who came to power in a Communist revolution. His wife, Hortencia later appears in "Chuck Versus the Coup d'Etat". He is portrayed by Armand Assante.

John Casey unsuccessfully attempted to assassinate him on three separate occasions. As a result, Goya and Casey developed a mutual hatred of each other. Goya later decided to reform, and came to Los Angeles to announce his intentions to hold free and open democratic elections, which the Ring refused to allow and attempted to disrupt by assassinating him with poison. Each time he was saved by Dr. Devon Woodcomb, whom Goya named as his personal physician during his stay in the U.S. following the Ring's first attempt at assassinating him. When Casey was captured by Goya's men during an embassy gala, Goya refused to believe that Casey was actually there to protect him this time. When the Ring's final attack put Goya into a second coma, Devon used Casey's knowledge of Goya's blood type that ironically caused Chuck to use Casey's blood to save Goya's life. After recovering, Goya sent his personal thanks and praise to Casey along with a gift of pre-revolution Costa Gravas cigars and new moniker as the "Angel of Life", which is ironic being that he was once named the "Angel of Death" by the Costa Gravans before.

Allejandro Goya

Premier as he first appeared in Chuck Versus the Angel of Death

In "Chuck Versus the Coup d'Etat", his wife attempts to take over as dictator of Costa Gravas. Sarah and Chuck managed to save Costa Gravas from going to nuclear war by saving Goya's marriage with Hortencia. It was only later revealed by a flash from Chuck that Goya had purchased all of the weaponry and equipments from Volkoff Industries. Chuck asks Goya if he had any info on a woman codenamed Frost; Goya however warns Chuck that these are "dangerous people".