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Rashad Ahmad
Rashad Ahmad

An unconscious Ahmad in hospital.
Seasons: 2
Portrayed by:
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: Terrorist
Aliases: Harry Lime
Relationships: Dr. Mohammed Zamir (doctor)
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Broken Heart

Rashad Ahmad is the terrorist seen in Chuck Versus the Broken Heart when he was admitted to Westside Medical to have a pacemaker implanted. He was admitted with the pseudonym of Harry Lime.

Team Bartowski under Casey and Forrest, appropriated Devon's credentials without his knowledge to gain access to the pacemaker and plant a tracking bug in it. After surgery, however, Dr. Mohammed Zamir searched for and found the bug, and then tried to track down Devon to remove it. Chuck, however, spotted the terrorists and quickly took Devon's place. When he approached the enemy, he was kidnapped instead, and taken to a bank vault where Ahmad had been hidden. He was ordered to remove the bug, or die.

Ahmad was seen several times during the episode, but was never conscious.


The alias, Harry Lime, is a nod to the classic book and film, The Third Man. Harry Lime is the main antagonist of the 1949 film, and was portrayed by Orson Welles.