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Renny Deutch

Seasons: Season 5
Portrayed by: Vladimir Kulich
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Arms Dealer
Residence: Berlin
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Goodbye

Renny Deutch is a German arms dealer based in Berlin. He appears in Chuck Versus the Goodbye.

Deutch possesses one third of the device known as The Key, a device created by the original designers of the Intersect which was intended to materially alter the Intersect's function. Since changing the Intersect this way could be dangerous, the key was designed to split into three parts, and a piece was kept by each of the lead designers, Stephen Bartowski, Ted Roark, and Hartley Winterbottom.

The pieces, however, were eventually scattered and two turned up in the possession of a former Fulcrum agent, Edgar, and a former Ring operative, Deutch, acquired through unknown means, but at great expense, "The Ring spent a lot of money acquiring this."

Chuck and Sarah pinpoint Deutch in Berlin and then track him from a Mexican restaurant, to a consulate dance, and finally to a Wienerlicious. Nicholas Quinn also tracked the pieces down and arranged to buy Deutch's section. They met at a Wienerlicious in Berlin where Quinn took the piece and gunned down Deutch who collapsed into his bratwurst. Quinn then commented that he had never liked Deutch.