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Ring communicator in its stand

The Ring Communicator, also known as the Ring phone, is a small, hand-held cellular device which features prominently throughout season 3. The device is used by members of The Ring to communicate, and uses a closed network to avoid detection and interception by CIA or NSA agents.

The communicator is first introduced in Chuck Versus the Pink Slip when Chuck manages to recover a device from the ring assassin, Javier Cruz. General Beckman is impressed with the find, stating that the NSA have been attempting to capture one for some time.

The communicator is circular in shape, and features a touch screen, and is used by agents of The Ring to communicate to each other when in the field. As stated, the communicators operate on an encrypted, closed closed network to avoid detection. The CIA and NSA has been unable to hack it, however, in Chuck Versus Operation Awesome, Chuck manages to take apart and hack a Ring Communicator, using Buy More equipment, and dials the Ring agent known as Sydney Prince to demonstrate he, not Devon, is the spy she is looking for.

Another Ring Communicator is captured in Chuck Versus the Beard, when Castle is discovered and breached by Ring agents. At the end of the episode, Casey is contacted by Ring agent, James Keller, via a call to the captured device.