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The Ring Council Chamber

The Ring Council Chamber is the location where the senior leadership of the Ring, the Five Elders, meet to discuss ongoing or future operations with Fulcrum or Ring operatives.

The council chamber is darkened to the point that very few details of the facility are visible, so the size and location have proven impossible to determine with any certainty. The Ring Elders sit at a long conference table with their backs to a wall dominated by a large ring, which Chuck Versus the Mask reveals can be illuminated, and are backlit so operatives can only see them in silhouette. However, a single bright spotlight is used to illuminate the agent they are addressing, and a pair of glowing footprints in the floor indicate where they are to stand while meeting with the council.

Council Chamber

The Elders as seen in Chuck Versus the Predator

The chamber as well as the Elders are first seen, in Chuck Versus the Predator when Fulcrum agent Vincent Smith meets the Elders to request permission to search Burbank for Orion. Although the Elders refuse to send agents to Burbank, as they have lost many Fulcrum operatives there, they do however allow Vincent to go alone. The council appears again in Chuck Versus the Mask when they meet Ring operative Nicos Vassilis, who has just lost the poison weapon to Team Bartowski. When Vassilis asks the council what they are planning to do about Shaw, they tell him "The same thing we are going to do to you." A gun emerges from the shadows, and is fired at him.

The council members are revealed and captured in Chuck Versus the Ring: Part 2 when they are tricked to leave a security meeting by Team Bartowski, and are captured and exposed as they attempt to flee.

Nerd Notes[]

The council chamber might be a nod to MacGyver in the episode "Deathlock", where the assassin, Quayle, enters a very similar room occupied by a council of shadowy figures.