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Ring Director

Seasons: 3
Portrayed by: Mark Sheppard
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: Director of The Ring
Relationships: Ring Elders
Appearances: Chuck Versus the American Hero
Chuck Versus the Other Guy

The Director is the shadowy head of the Ring, he first appeared in the third season episode, Chuck Versus the American Hero. The Director is the secondary antagonist of Season 3.


The Director was first mentioned by his subordinates in Chuck Versus the American Hero when he sent them to apprehend Shaw and bring him in, but this plan was inadvertently thwarted by Morgan, Casey and Devon. Believing he had an opportunity to take out the Director and a substantial part of the Ring's senior leadership, Shaw contacted him and agreed to come in as a Trojan Horse, intending to use himself as a walking targeting beacon for an air strike from the NSA. The Director confronted Shaw in the Ring's underground facility, where he played him a surveillance video recovered from the corpse of CIA turncoat and Ring informant Hunter Perry to "educate him" about his slain wife, Evelyn. The video revealed that Evelyn Shaw was not killed by a Ring agent as Shaw had believed, but by Sarah. Shaw attempted to attack the director, but his adversary revealed he was never actually in the room and Shaw was instead interacting with a sophisticated hologram. The Director therefore escaped the destruction of the facility when it was bombed shortly afterward.

In Chuck Versus the Other Guy, the Director is involved in a complex plot to turn Shaw to the Ring. He convinced Shaw that the government believed Eve had already been turned, and utilized Sarah to execute her before Evelyn proved she was a liability. The Director allowed Shaw to strengthen his position with the government by allowing him to capture the Ring's prototype for the Cipher and "eliminate" him. Shaw then met him in Paris where he turned over the Cipher and all government technical data on the Intersect. While Shaw was dealt with by Chuck, the Director attempted to escape with the Intersect data, but he was intercepted and apprehended by Casey.


As with his origins, the series has revealed very little of the Director's personality, however the Director has proven cautious and calculating. In Chuck Versus the American Hero, he confronted Shaw using a sophisticated hologram rather than expose himself directly to danger, commenting with disbelief that Shaw thought he would meet with him face to face.

The Director is also extremely manipulative. He revealed Evelyn Shaw was killed by the CIA to turn Shaw to the Ring, and claimed the CIA suspected Eve herself had been turned and ordered the hit to secure Shaw's loyalty.

In Chuck Versus the Other Guy, he conspires to gain access to the technical data on the Intersect to complete the Ring's system by taking advantage of Shaw's single-minded desire to avenge his wife's death, and orchestrates a complex series of operations to achieve this objective.