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Riordan Payne

Disguised as a police officer

Seasons: 1
Portrayed by: Kevin Weisman
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: Criminal and black marketeer
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Truth
I'm a poisoner by trade.

Riordan Payne is a former Olympic gymnast who blew out his knee and was forced to retire. He then turned to the career of information broker on the black market. He usually won confidences from victims by poisoning them, then promising the antidote in exchange for information.

In 2007, Payne kidnapped Mason Whitney, a man who had access to the codes for the US nuclear missiles. He dosed Whitney with a derivative of Pentathol, that would make the victim compulsively tell the truth until it eventually killed him.

Payne offered the antidote in exchange for the codes. Unfortunately, just as Whitney obtained the codes, he collapsed and was aided by Dr. Ellie Bartowski inoto whose pocket Whitney slipped the codes as he was being evacuated to the hospital. Payne later posed as a police officer in an attempt to get Ellie to divulge where the codes were, though she stated that she had no knowledge of anything her patient may have dropped or handed off before she began treating him. Payne then secretly poisoned her with the serum and slipped a bug on her neck for surveillance purposes, but all he got was interference and her babbling of trivial secrets. Eventually, Casey, also monitoring the Bartowski home, found the bug and isolated it. After the effects of the poison sent Ellie into a coma, Chuck deliberately opened the isolation container Payne's bug was in and gave false information to draw the poisoner out.

Payne tracked down Ellie's location in the hospital, only to discover that it was a trap, set by Sarah and Casey. Just then, Chuck ran in, having actually found the codes, causing Payne to drop a vial of  poison and expose them all. Payne managed to flee with the codes, but lost the antidote and his tracking device in the process.

Chuck was then able to use his own tracking device to chase him down. Cornered, he attempted to give them a false antidote, but Chuck saw through his ruse, having read many comic books involving villains attempting to trick the heroes. Payne then tried somersaulting towards the door but before he could reach it, Sarah shot him in the leg.

Dosed with his own poison, Payne was forced to deliver the antidote and the whereabouts of the codes. He was then taken into custody.

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